Do You Have A Financial Safety Net In Place In Case You Cannot Work?

If you lost your job tomorrow or you couldn’t work because of illness, do you have a financial safety net in place?

Critical illness cover and Life insuranceAccording to new research almost 4 million of us would not be able to maintain our current lifestyle beyond 3 months if we were forced to live off emergency financial provisions we have put in place.

Many of us don’t for example have critical illness cover, or perhaps only have life cover and no other form of income protection.

Some two thirds of Britains don’t have any cover at all – even though many do have such as mobile phone insurance.

Even if you have some cover in place, is it the best to meet your needs?

With today’s job market still very uncertain, and the risk of illness always present, what can you do to ensure security for yourself and your family should the worst happen?

It is said that in the UK Men have a 1 in 5, and women a 1 in 6 chance of being diagnosed with a long term critical illness that prevents them from continuing to work – sadly odds that are far greater than those of winning the National Lottery.

Click here to view a video in which Roger Edwards, Proposition Director from Scottish Provident offers his advice and tips including what actions you should be taking now to ensure you are prepared for every eventuality.

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