Cost Of Butter Soaring But There Are Ways To Save Money

The costs of living are rising alarmingly, but its seems to be the weekly shop at the supermarket that brings the costs of inflation into sharp focus.

That weekly trip to the supermarket costs more each time, however it is the cost of butter that has just caught my attention.

A tub of Anchor spreadable butter now costs £2.90 at Sainsburys, which seems very expensive to me, particularly when it cost around £2.40 only a few months ago.

That is a 20% price rise in two months!

But there is a way to save some money which will help a little with those grocery bills.

Tubs of butter often have long sell-by dates and some blocks of butter can even be frozen – but check the labels carefully to make sure.

So whenever you see butter on special offer, consider buying more than usual and store it in the fridge, or freezer. Do check those labels for long sell by dates and storage instructions first though!

Sainsbury’s were recently selling two tubs of Anchor Spreadable for £4.00. That is why our fridge now contains eight tubs, all with long sell-by dates!

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