Consumers Miss Out On Saving Money As They Are Too Afraid To Lose Their Mobile Phone Number

Whilst some 25% of mobile phone users have switched networks over the last year to save money, around 2 million customers are missing out on a better deal because of their fear of losing their phone number.

Mobile phoneuSwitch research shows that talking on the love of our life, the mobile phone, is not as cheap as it could be for many of us. Mobile phone users are missing out on a massive £1.5 billion in savings, because, amongst other things, they wrongly believe that they will lose their phone number if they move to a new network.

40% of mobile phone users have never made the move to a new network. Of these13% are afraid its simply too much hassle and 10% fear they’ll lose their phone number if they make a switch.

Importantly, all mobile phone users are able to keep their number when they switch network. All they need to do is request a special authorisation code, or PAC, from the network they are leaving and pass it on to their new network.’s top tips for a better mobile deal

  1. Whether you want a pay-as-you-go or a contract phone, you’ll need to know how many minutes and texts you use each month. You’ll also need to check the terms of your existing contract.
  2. There are lots of different ways to find the best mobile phone deal. Comparison websites such as enable you to search by different criteria and filter results by what’s important – brand, price, even the colour of the handset.
  3. Once you’ve found a deal and completed the new provider’s application process, you can keep your phone number by getting a PAC (port authorisation code) from your existing provider, which you need to pass to the new provider. You will not lose your service during the transfer process.
  4. Recycle your old handset – if you receive a new handset, put your old one to good use and re-cycle it. It’s kind to the environment and you earn yourself or the charity of your choice even more cash in the process!

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