Check Your Holiday Travel Insurance Protection Options

If planning a last minute holiday or thinking about next year’s holiday, make sure you consider what travel insurance cover you need should your operator go out of business.

Travel insuranceThe Department of Transport is urging travellers to check the holiday protection they need.

There are some 30 million holiday flights from the UK each year and the vast majority of these run smoothly but as with the recent failure of Kiss Flights, on occasion a travel company fails. When this happens travellers need to make sure they are protected.

As Aviation Minister Theresa Villiers comments “Today’s holiday market works in such a variety of ways, it can be very difficult to know whether and how your trip might be covered.”

The Government is actively considering how to ensure the ATOL holiday protection scheme remains relevant to today’s travel market and expects to outline its decision soon.

Under the ATOL scheme, travellers who book package holidays are entitled to a refund if they have not already travelled, or are brought home free of charge if abroad at the time of insolvency.

Those who are not ATOL-protected can take other steps to help protect their trips, such as taking out specific travel insurance or booking with a credit card.

These options are all explained on the DirectGov website.

If you do take out insurance, it’s important to understand what travel insurance cover you are buying and not just consider that the cheapest policy is necessarily the best to meet your needs.

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