Cheapest home and mobile broadband package from BT

A new home and mobile broadband package has been launched by BT which they say is ‘the cheapest and most complete home and mobile broadband package in the UK’.

BT Total Broadband, home and mobile broadbandThis offer is available from BT until 28 July 2009.

BT Total Broadband customers can get up to 8MB wireless broadband at home and free 1GB monthly usage on the BT mobile broadband service.

There are different BT Total Broadband packages, which offer differing levels of monthly data usage allowance-

  • Option 1 – for lighter users, 10GB usage.
  • Option 2 – for medium users, 20GB usage.
  • Option 3 – for heavy users, unlimited monthly usage

All have an 18 month contract, and offer the first 3 months at a discount.

The cheapest package is Option 1 at £7.78 per month for the first 3 months, followed by £15.65 for the remainder of the contract.

Access to the mobile broadband is easy and just requires you to plug a USB modem, a dongle, into your laptop.

By paying a one-off fee for this wireless dongle (£49.99 for Options 1 and 2, £9.99 for Option 3) you get the free 1GB data usage a month.

The dongle can support download speeds of up to 7.2Mbps.

You’ll need to consider this mobile broadband data limit and calculate what you are likely to need. If you need more than the free data allowance you can get an additional 1GB for £10 or 3GB for £20.

Be aware that the 1GB data allowance is for each 30 day period and will expire 30 days after the date of activation. Unused data cannot be carried over to the next period.

If you are not a BT Total Broadband customer and simply want standalone broadband, BT offer a 1GB standalone product for a one-off fee of £129.99.

As you might expect, the other main broadband providers, including 3, T-Mobile and Vodafone, all offer a variety of mobile broadband deals which also may be worth considering.

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