Getting the cheapest gas and electricity

People are invariably looking to save money in every little way they can and quite rightly so. Getting the cheapest gas and electricity prices is one way to reduce energy bills and help save money. The question is though how can you do this?

Getting the cheapest energy prices

Thanks to the wonders of technology, you can easily access energy comparison sites to help, such as and

These sites can really help you in getting the cheapest gas and electricity and also assist if you decide to switch energy supplier.

To get an energy quote, all you need to do is enter your postcode on the uSwitch or other energy comparison site, enter some brief details so that your needs can be calculated and you’ll get details of the best energy deals available for you.

Whether it’s a Big 6 or newer, perhaps smaller energy company, you need to assess what’s best for you.

The energy comparison sites really can help you as they are right up to date with the latest energy plans on offer from numerous suppliers, meaning by using them you can be confident of finding a good deal.

What factors should you consider when looking to switch energy supplier?

Invariably the first thing you need to think about is the  price offering from each supplier available in your region. You can save significantly with some companies.

Also, you need to evaluate other specifics. Here are some questions you might consider to help your decision

  • Are their payment options accessible for you, for example direct debit?
  • Do they charge an exit fee if  you want to switch to another supplier within a certaine period?
  • Is their customer support reliable and easily reached?
  • Do they have any reward schemes or similar benefits?
  • Can they perform the transfer process in a timely and efficient manner?

How long does it take to switch energy supplier?

Best energy plans

Not long! By using the assistance of such as, the process is relatively easy:

  1. Visit, select ‘Compare Energy Prices – Gas & Electricity’
  2. You’ll be asked about your location, current supplier, your current electricity/gas usage and how it’s paid, your current tariff and your email address
  3. You’ll get a series of energy quotes from energy suppliers in your region
  4. After you confirm you want to proceed with the energy switch, will send you an email to finalise your choice of new energy supplier. You’ll also be given the new energy supplier’s contact information
  5. A contingency period follows just in case you might still change your mind.

As you consider a move to switch energy supplier make sure all your outstanding bills with your old supplier are paid, otherwise they can stop the transfer

Wait for about a month and your old supplier will  send you your final energy bill.

Your new energy supplier will contact you to verify your payment method and confirm the start of their service. Depending on the exact date you start the new energy service and who your new supplier is, you will receive your first bill from then after about 13 weeks.

As you can see getting the cheapest gas and electricity is easier now with the help of the energy comparison sites – if you want to know more, our article ‘Switch energy supplier – how easy is it?‘ might be useful.

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