New Caravan Insurance Price Comparison Service Launched

With caravan sales booming during the recession and more people planning a “staycation”, the increased demand for caravan insurance has encouraged to set up a new price comparison service.

Caravan in fieldThere are now nearly 500,000 touring caravans and 4,000 caravan parks in the UK creating an industry worth £3 billion per year. With a general tightening of belts during the recession and recent difficulties in flying because of the dust cloud problems, 45% of Brits are now considering taking a “staycation” rather than holidaying abroad.

Many of these will consider buying a static or touring caravan, or even consider a motorhome, which will also need to be insured.

The increasing demand for caravan insurance is tempting new players into that market, which has previously been served by small specialist brokers. is now to offer a caravan insurance price comparison service as a result.

As John Cooper, caravan product manager at says: “ recognised the increase in demand for such holidays with people anxious to escape for a break but without the cash to go abroad. Adding caravan insurance to our already comprehensive suite of products enables our customers to obtain cover at cheaper prices to ease the financial pressure. Our price comparison service is simple to use and is advised for all people in the market searching for caravan insurance.”

Price comparison sites may not be the best solution for those looking for touring caravan and static caravan insurance as brokers may well be able to negotiate special discounts or meet individual requirements that may be outside the criteria of a more general price comparison site. The entrance of is an indication of the growth that the caravan industry has seen in recent years.

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