Saving on Car Insurance Starts with Your Choice of Car

New statistics show the Reliant Robin is statistically least likely to be involved in an accident. But even if driving a ‘plastic pig’ doesn’t appeal, what effect does your car choice have on your insurance premiums?

Not a Reliant Robin - so check your car insuranceOwners of Reliant Robins are the safest on the road – that’s the latest news from price comparison website

The company analysed details of half a million insurance claims by drivers who had been involved in an accident, finding only 11 out of 1,174 Reliant Robin owners had claimed for crash damage – a very low 0.9%.

By comparison 10.5% of Lexus owners put in a claim, closely followed by 9.8% of Honda drivers. Other makes include Chrysler (9.6%), Toyota (9.4%) and Mazda (9%).

But do these figures suggest the Reliant is safer?

No, says Gareth Kloet, head of car insurance at the price comparison site. It’s because the Reliant is a niche car owned by people who treat it as a classic, so they drive it less often and treat it more carefully.

On the flip side of the coin, Lexus is keen to point out its cars are not considered high risk by car insurance ratings. A spokesman said: “As the data is based on customer profiles filled in on-line, I can only assume that Lexus drivers are more honest.”

Spokespeople for these other brands were also quick to point out that nothing about their cars was inherently unsafe, and that the vast majority of accidents were down to human error – most accidents happened within 1½ miles of the owners’ homes.

So while you’re likely to pay low premiums if you drive a Reliant, you can still save money on your car insurance no matter what marque you drive. It’s smarter to shop around than restrict yourself to a three wheeler!

Moneyhighstreet says: “Three wheels aren’t safer than four. Be sure to take a look at the safety rating on any new or used vehicle – it doesn’t just protect you, it lets your insurer know you’re a safety-conscious driver.

“Always shop around. Independent price comparison sites like are available to give you an overview of the market and help you find the best deal. They’ll also help you discover what insurers are looking for when calculating your premiums.”

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