Can You Claim On Your Car Insurance For Damage Caused By Potholes?

As many motorists find their cars damaged from potholes it’s worth checking your car insurance to see if you can make a claim to recover repair costs.

Car InsuranceFollowing the severe winter many of our roads are still riddled with potholes as the local councils struggle to fill them.

With many cars being damaged as a result of these potholes, Defaqto, an independent research company, suggests that consumers need to check their car insurance policies to see if they can recover some of the costs of repair.

Pothole damage may be considered ‘accidental damage’ and as comprehensive car insurance policies include cover for ‘accidental damage’ it means you may be able to claim for this damage.

However, there are a number of exclusions that you need to be aware of. These inlcude

  • ‘Damage to tyres caused by braking or by punctures, cuts or bursts’ is a typical exclusion found under a comprehensive car insurance policy so it’s unlikely motorists will be able to recover costs in this area
  • If the damage has been caused over a period of time by consistently driving over potholes, insurers may refuse the claim on the grounds that the damage has been caused by ‘wear and tear’.

Also if your excess amount is high you may not be able to claim because the cost of the repairs amount to less than the excess.

According to the AA it is estimated that the insurance industry will be paying out £2.85 m per month for pothole claims. However, as insurers are unlikely to be able to recover any amounts they have to pay out claims made are most likely to reduce your no claims discount too.

One thought with the Bank Holiday almost upon us – be careful to miss the pothols as you head out in your car! And as M&S Car Insurance advises, plan your weekend getaway in advance so that you try and avoid unnecessary delays and have a stress-free journey.

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