Where can you buy a Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite online?

Another innovation comes from Microsoft – the Xbox 360 Elite gaming system. You could easily buy this gadget via online stores. First, below are its specifications, and then we look at where you can find the cheapest deals online.

buy Xbox 360 Elite onlineThis gaming console though is not merely for gaming purposes. Entertainment is also offered to you. It has massive 120GB hard drive and high technology composition of customized IBM PowerPC-based CPU at 3.2 GHz and custom ATI graphics processor 10MB of embedded DRAM. These features enable you to enjoy games with high quality images even through standard TV screens. It also has built-in support for HDTV 1080i TVs and widescreen 16:9 format. Saving your games and storing other media are very easy tasks.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite controllers have an easily accessible button layout. The buttons Back, Start, Xbox Guide, left and right triggers are situated strategically for easier handling and manipulation.

The console has the capacity to accommodate up to 4 wireless controllers and 3 USB 2.0 slots. You can connect a digital camera, MP3 players and Windows XP-based PC to your console at any time.

And to maximize interconnectivity, you can connect with other players via the built-in Ethernet port. You can then access the Internet through a broadband connection connected to the console system and interact using the Xbox Live Silver or Gold or Xbox Live Marketplace.

Where can you buy the cheapest Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite online?

First off, the RRP is ₤199.99.

As of 21 February, the best deals that we can find for this gaming console are:

  • Sainsbury’s – Have a great offer of £159.99 for the Xbox 360 Elite Console
  • Play.comPre-order for 28 February release you can get for ₤189.99 the 360 Elite console + Halo ODST (with Halo: Reach Beta Access) + Forza Motorsport 3 + Gears of War 2 + Fable II (2)
  • Amazon – ₤189.73, Console + Get Bioshock 2 Free + another selected game or a Wireless Entertainment Pack for £10 when you buy from Amazon.co.uk
  • Argos – ₤199.99 Special offers are available to save up to £40
  • Tesco – ₤185.00,Xbox 360 Elite 120 GB + 2 games – Lego Batman and Pure
  • Currys – ₤199.99 120GB Elite, Halo 3, Gears of War 2

What are the Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite reviews like?

The reviews for this product show how good it is:

“This was delivered swiftly and in good order. Need for Speed Shift and Halo ODST, were the two games included in this bundle and as a bundle it was an excellent price! My son is delighted with his purchase (saved his pocket money for ever…) Would definitely recommend.”  From Amazon

“I’ve had my xbox for a few months now and I haven’t had any problems with it except for the headset that came with it but got them replaced and works great since then the online features are worth the money especially the 1 vs 100 game. I would definitely recommend the xbox 360 elite to anyone.”  From Play.com

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