Burn calories and save money, what a day

Just reflecting on my day yesterday and to sum it up I burnt some calories, tried to save money, watched a film and then piled a huge number of calories back on.

First off I went to the gym and did a spinning class. My assessment of whether to use the gym, use the Wii Fit Plus or both seems to be concluding that I need to use both. Basically I do enjoy the ‘buzz’ of the gym and the incentive to do a workout, particularly if I’m booked into a class or meeting up with a friend – both of which were true yesterday.

There is though a place for the Wii Fit Plus too. For example with next week being half term holiday I’m taking some time out to be with the children. It’ll be more difficult for me to get to the gym so I’ll aim for a few sessions on the Wii Fit which I can easily do between other things.

Next stop, after a chat and tea post the spinning, was Sainsbury’s for a very large shop. These days I’m far more conscious of potential savings (it’s an age thing I thnk) and through some careful shopping I did save money, in fact around £20 on a £170+ shop. I was very chuffed with myself – and what a lovely Taste the Difference Chicken Tikka Masala we had last night, made even better as it was ‘4 for the price of 3’.

I must get back to checking out mysupermarket.co.uk again, it’d be interesting to see how my shop cost would have compared at the likes of Tesco or Asda. Perhaps a job for this week?

Not only did I pile the calories back on with the curry but also by eating a whole packet of popcorn whilst watching ‘The Golden Compass‘ beforehand. I haven’t read the book so can’t compare to the brilliance of Phillip Pullmans’s fantastic story telling. I did though find the film excellent. A great cast with Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. Be careful if you’re watching with children. It is PG rated but certainly I’d be be wary if they’re 7 or younger.

What a good day!

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