Burglaries Force A Rise In Home Insurance Claims

Burglaries are up 14% year-on-year and over 60% of Brits think burglary levels will further increase, forcing more home insurance claims. Can more security measures though be taken?

Home Insurance ClaimsAlong with Home Office reports that burglaries are up year-on-year, new research from Allianz Insurance suggestss a continued post recession rise in crime.

These burglaries are causing more home insurance claims with the average claim value rising.

As Mark Bishop from Allianz Insurance UK, comments: “We also undertook this research pre-recession in 2008 when Brits were already concerned about crime levels, since that time the average claim on our house insurance for theft has jumped by £227.

“Worryingly, our research has revealed that one in 10 Brits have not even considered security measures for their home – in the current environment we are urging homeowners to review their home crime prevention measures as a matter of urgency.”

Many homeowners are choosing to take a more risky step in protecting themselves and their property, taking home security into their own hands with over 40% now having a potential weapon to hand.

Weapons include a kitchen knife, baseball bat, heavy torch, scissors and umbrella.

Lack of security measures

Even though many acknowledge an increase in crime, many homeowners have failed to make their home as secure as possible.

This is largely down to a need to save money and a generally negligent attitude to security.

Nearly 70% don’t have a house alarm, over 30% don’t have locks on all windows and doors and a further 43% have left accessible doors and windows open over night.

With the help of Allianz Insurance here are some security tips to reduce the risk of burglary:

  • Install deadlocks on external doors
  • Leave a light on in a main room if you go out in the evening
  • Never leave ladders or tools lying around – an ideal target for an opportunist thief
  • Close and lock all garages, sheds and other outbuildings when not in use
  • Don’t let strangers into your home unless they give you official proof of their identity, which you should verify
  • When you go on holiday, cancel milk and newspaper deliveries
  • Keep a record of your possessions, for example the serial numbers of TV’s and DVD players and take photographs of valuable or unusual items.

MoneyHighStreet said: “The rise in the number of burglaries needs to be taken seriously. Taking up the above advice will in the main cost very little money, you just need to be proactive with the simple security steps.

In addition, be careful what information you make public on social network sites. Many inadvertently publicise an outing, short break or main summer holiday. Fine for friends to see, but divulging such personal information can put you at risk.

Above all, do make sure you buy the best insurance to meet your needs, opting for a bespoke high net worth home insurance policy if you perhaps have high value jewellery, a valuable arts, wine or antiques collection or other non-standard contents or buildings.

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