Brits Willing To Commit Home Insurance Fraud

Many Brits are willing to commit fraudulent claims against their home insurance company, new research from has found.

Home InsuranceWith the recession continuing to constrain consumers budgets, almost 402,000 Brits are confessing to having made fake claims against their home insurance policy, the comparison website has found.

Rather than commit fraud and risk imprisonment, hard pressed Brits would be better off trying to find the best home insurance deals.

According to the research, 6% of those questioned would consider making a false claim, which equates to 2.4 million Brits willing to commit insurance fraud. Similar research conducted in 2009, discovered that 8% of respondents were prepared to defraud their home insurance company.

Perhaps more worryingly, 15 percent of those surveyed say that they don’t have any home insurance cover at all, so there are a significant number of families who are financially unprotected from home disasters and burglary. There was also a large proportion of respondents (80%) who have home insurance, but who have not made a claim during the last five years.

This could be down to beneficial circumstances, but may also be explained by a reluctance for people to make small claims as they fear that their home insurance policies may become more expensive, once they have a claims history.

Commenting on these findings, Julie Owens, head of home insurance at, said: “How worrying to see so many consumers believe it is acceptable to make a false or exaggerated claim on their home insurance. No matter how tempting, fabricating a claim for a pay out is not only wholly inadvisable but it is also illegal, and you could face being prosecuted as a result.”

“Faking it” certainly isn’t the way for recession-hit Brits to make ends meet. Perhaps people feel their dishonesty only impacts the insurer but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Insurance fraud of this nature increases the cost of premiums for honest Brits.”

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