Brits Taking More Interest In Travel Insurance

Holiday disruption caused by such as volcanic ash and industrial action at British Airways has prompted Brits to take more interest in what travel insurance they buy.

Travel insuranceAccording to, some 20% of British holidaymakers will be taking more care to check what is and is not covered by their travel insurance policy.

Interestingly around 7% say they are prepared to spend more on their insurance to make sure they get the right cover and not just opt for the cheapest.

As Mark Greening, head of partnership producs at comments “This could be bad news for some budget insurers who sell purely on cost rather than cover but hopefully many more holidaymakers heading for the sun this year will be travelling with the right travel insurance rather than simply the cheapest.”

Worryingly, 10% of travellers are still willing to run the risk of incurring unexpected travel expenses, losing their luggage or facing sky high medical bills by refusing to buy any travel insurance whatsoever.

Some travel insurance companies offer policies that include cover for disruption caused by natural catastrophes such as volcanic ash cloud and with’s comparison service customers can filter the results of their comparisons to include this extra cover.

With any insurance, whether travel, car or home insurance, the critical factor is to get the cover you need – unless you do, if you need to make a claim you could well find that it will not be met by the insurers, meaning not only will you have wasted your money on the policy but you will no doubt face a hefty cost to finance the claim yourself.

There are a number of travel insurance comparison sites available to help you, including,,, and

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