Brits Should Be Saving Energy To Reduce Household Bills

Although many Brits are concerned about rising energy prices, most of us are wasting energy needlessly and could be saving money too.

Reducing gas billsAlmost everyone wants to reduce their energy bills, particularly with all the big six energy suppliers increasing their gas and electricity charges or withdrawing their cheapest online deals.

With consumers already feeling the pinch, unfortunately there are likely to be further rises in home energy charges announced by the major suppliers when autumn approaches if the price of oil and wholesale gas and electricity prices remain high.

Although central heating systems will soon be turned down or off, as the summer months arrive, Navetas Energy Management, are advising consumers to consider a number of simple ways in which to save both energy and cash.

These energy saving tips include:

Keeping a fridge or freezer working optimally by moving it away from radiators or other heat sources. Only placing cool food into a fridge will also prevent it working harder to lower the temperature.

It is also advisable to check the temperature settings on your fridge and freezer as setting them too low could be needlessly using energy. The optimal settings are: -3 to -5C for a fridge and -18C for a freezer.

Keeping your hot water at sensible temperatures is also a good money saving tip. Having it too hot is needlessly expensive, particularly as you will probably cool it down with the cold water tap. The ideal temperature is 60C.

The breezy, warmer weather is also ideal for hanging out clothes rather than consuming expensive energy with the tumble drier. Switching from a 40 degree wash to 30 degree is also a good idea.

These simple everyday money saving tips will help your energy consumption as well as your household budget.

By shopping around for thebest online energy deals and switching to the cheapest supplier, you should also reduce the costs of heating and powering your home, as well as help the environment.

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