Consumers Welcome British Gas’ Suspension Of Doorstep Selling

The announcement by British Gas that it will suspend doorstep selling for a three month trial period has been welcomed by consumer groups.

British Gas Online EnergyBritish Gas will suspend the doorstep selling of energy plans for the next three months. This move follows the lead set by Scottish and Southern Energy who suspended their doorstep cold calling in July.

Consumer Focus, who represent the views of consumers, is now calling on other large energy fims to end their cold calling doorstep activities.

There has been widespread concern about the doorstep selling techniques used by large energy companies, which has left many consumers feeling pressurised into switching energy plans that prove more expensive over time.

For example, Consumer Focus has discovered that more than nine out of ten people who have bought energy products on the door would never do so again.

“For over a decade cold call doorstep sales have led to hundreds of thousands of people paying more for their energy after switching to a worse deal. We know people strongly dislike doorstep sales, feel pressured to switch at the door and that energy firms don’t offer their best rates face-to-face. Cold call energy sales simply aren’t what customers need or want.”, says Adam Scorer, Director of External Affairs at Consumer Focus.

“We would urge all consumers to think twice before they buy on the doorstep, shop around for the best deal, and take time to think things over before making a final decision.”, he added.

Consumer Focus has been in discussion with the other large energy suppliers to convince them to also stop doorstep selling, however EDF and Scottish Power have refused to end cold calling and E.ON and npower have not yet committed to suspending their doorstep marketing either. Comments: The ring of the doorbell just as you are making dinner for the family. Then the feeling of dread you get when you see a salesman on the doorstep eager to convince you to switch to a “better” energy deal.

It is no wonder that many people succumb and sign on the dotted line just to get rid of the salesman. Buyers remorse soon follows, even after the 14 day cooling off period.

Hopefully this is becoming a thing of the past as comparison websites like uSwitch help you make more informed decisions. You still have to take care that you are actually getting the best energy deal, even though you are using a comparison website.

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