Boob job finance: Are loans for cosmetic surgery still available?

Many women are interested in enhancing themselves with a boob job, however is it still possible to obtain a cosmetic surgery loan?

boob job financeA boob job, or breast enhancement is one of the most sought types of cosmetic surgery.  Women from all works of life are considering this form of surgery to enhance their body image and self esteem.

Boob job prices are dependent upon two major factors, the kind of breast surgery you are interested in and the surgeon conducting the surgery and women considering procedures like this should take the utmost care to find a breast surgeon and team who can offer high levels of care, both during the procedure and post operatively.

Prices generally cost upwards of £2000 so some women need to finance this through a loan. As boob job costs are often below £5,000, unsecured, or personal loans are often the most suitable.

The credit crunch has forced many lenders to tighten their loan criteria significantly so it is not as easy to secure a personal loan now, compared to a few years ago.  However for those with a good credit rating, unsecured loans are still available, both with high street banks and building societies and through online brokers.

Nationwide, for example, is currently offering personal loans at 7.6% APR Typical for loans between £7,500 and £14,999 with a term of up to 5 years.  This is one of the cheapest personal loan deals available at the moment and should more than cover the costs of most boob job procedures.

Most lenders will not be concerned about the purpose of your loan so those who are considering a boob job and can meet the lending criteria, should be in a position to arrange finance to cover the costs of their surgery.

Of course anyone considering a boob job should be aware of the implications of undertaking voluntary surgery and should always seek advice from a reputable cosmetic surgeon. They should also be aware of the implications of taking out a loan to cover these costs, if finance is required.

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