Bonanza day for US stock traders as recession fears recede

Traders in US equities are having a good day as the markets bounces upwards. Responding to good trading news from a leading retailer and encouraging economic news, bulls are returning to the markets.

News from Wal-Mart that their sales are the strongest for several years has encouraged the bulls to re-emerge in the USA equity markets. Other economic news published today also indicates that the USA is not slipping into recession, at least yet.

This encouraging news is driving the stock markets upwards, creating excellent trading conditions for traders and investors. Even a $1.20 rise in oil prices failed to dampen enthusiasm.

With buying interest returning to the markets after several sessions in the doldrums, many stocks are showing gains across most sectors. The financial sector is performing particularly well at the moment led by Lehman Brothers (LEH) in response to favourable comments from Deutche Bank that any liquidity issues the company may be experiencing are nothing like the Bear Stearns problems and are already factored into the LEH share price.

Lehmans share price – currently up $1.73 (5.51%) to $33.13 on massive volumes has presented many opportunities for day traders and scalpers, as well as providing a recovery for longer term investors.

So with trading currently under way for the afternoon session, today is presenting an excellent opportunity for traders and investors alike.

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