Beware Potholes In Overloaded Cars This Easter

Motorists should be careful about overloading their cars for the Easter getaway, breakdown service provider Britannia Rescue is warning.

Luggage in carThousands of drivers will be overloading their cars as they pack for their Easter holiday, which could compromise the safety of passengers and damage their vehicle.

This could lead to an increased risk of breakdowns and accidents particularly with so many large potholes prevalent on many roads in the UK.

Overloaded cars are more prone to breakdown when driving on poorly maintained roads as their suspension is compromised by the load.

Research by Britannia Rescue reveals that a fifth of drivers never think about weight when packing their car, but focus more on whether everything will actually fit in.

The company is advising motorists planning to carry heavy loads to think carefully about the risks associated with overloading a car to avoid the possibility of breakdown, accidents and even legal penalties.

Frequent overloading, particularly when combined with this winter’s road damage, can significantly increase the risk of breakdown.

Springs, wheel bearings, tyres and suspension systems are strained, braking effectiveness is reduced, steering is harder to control and there is an increased risk of the engine overheating.

“To minimise the risk of breakdown and accidents, our advice is to take a little extra time before the journey starts to be sure your load is safe, secure, not blocking your view and within your car’s maximum permitted weight.”, suggests Peter Horton, Britannia Rescue managing director.

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