Being A Football Fan Is Expensive!

I was just checking out the news whilst having a cup of tea when I came across a press release stating ‘Nearly a quarter of football fans spent over £1,000 last season’, an astonishing amount I thought!

According to MSN Money, whilst nearly a quarter of football fans spent over £1000 last season, of these 14% had spent over £2,001 following their favourite team – that’s over £50 a week over the course of a 39-week season.

The press release was promoting a new tool to help fans calculate the cost of their footy spending, a football cost calculator, which includes everything from season tickets to pies and pints. (You can find it at

Anyway, having thought wow how expensive is that, I’m wondering is it?

My husband is off to watch a 20:20 cricket match this evening (Essex vs Gloucestershire Gladiators ) and the tickets for that are £28 each. But then there’s the cost of the beer to be added in, along with the curry and the taxi and the £28 will only be a small part of the evenings costs.

I can’t complain though having recently had the pleasure of a wonderful spa day at the Lifehouse in Thorpe-le-Soken, Essex – we did though manage to get a special offer which helped the price and helped sway us into having a day of pampering!

And how many of us have applied for the 2012 Olympic tickets, at a minimum cost of £20 granted but many tickets are a lot more expensive than that – albeit many, including the London Mayor it seems, haven’t been lucky in the ballot at all.

From just these few examples it’s very easy to see just how expensive it is to have special social events or to attend sporting activities.

And when you think with petrol prices ever on the rise, the cost of travelling to any of these events really adds up. The article we carried yesterday on Barclaycard offering £30 cashback on fuel spending seems very apt but also served to highlight how simply filling your car up with £50 of fuel a fortnight adds up – mine though is more like £50+ per week!

No wonder people are looking to save money. Even retailers are doing their bit to help with special offers and deals – and there’s the £5o meal plan from Sainsbury’s which is designed to feed a family of 4 all their meals for a week for £50 – seems amazing that this is possible when I see my weekly shopping bill! I’m very tempted to try it, if I do I’ll keep you posted.

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