Be Prepared For Your Half Term Skiing Holiday

This half term will see many head off for a skiing holiday but if you are one of the lucky ones about to set off for the slopes, are you prepared?

Skiing HolidayAre you fit enough is an important question. Might be time to get some last minute gym sessions in?

Make sure your equipment and clothing is up to scratch too – get skis or a snowboard that fits your ability, if you own your own skis get them serviced and the bindings checked, make sure your clothing is warm and waterproof and that you have a helmet that fits securely.

Protect yourself on the slopes with a few simple steps, including

  • Don’t be tempted to skip professional instruction, learning the basics such as how to control your speed or how to stop are essential and bad habits learnt early on are difficult to change
  • Take a break – pushing yourself when you need a rest puts you at greater risk of injury
  • Don’t ski or board off-piste alone
  • Ski or snowboard within your ability. Tagging along with more experienced friends and attempting slopes beyond your skill level can result in an accident.

Make sure you buy the best ski travel insurance that covers all your activities –

  • if necessary including cover for more risky or extreme activities such as ski/snowboard racing, jumping, acrobatics, aerials and other activities which may sometimes be excluded on standard policies
  • Winter sports cover is limited is usually limited to 21 days per year.  If you need a longer period of cover make sure you get it is included in the policy you buy
  • If you are planning to ski off piste, check your insurance policy terms and conditions. Some policies will cover you within recognised ski resort boundaries as long as you follow local ski patrol guidelines; however, others policies will only cover you if you are with an authorised local guide and some will not allow off piste skiing at all
  • Enjoy your holiday by drinking responsibly and remember that alcohol consumption can serious impact your ability and judgement and may invalidate your cover if you are injured

MoneyHighStreet comments: “To spend a week skiing in February really would be a dream come true and whilst it will be just that for many, for some the extortionate prices will stop such a trip happening.

“If you are going, we totally agree with Hiscox, taking time to prepare is vital.

“As well as buying the best travel insurance, also make sure you get the best deal on your holiday travel money.”

When you travel abroad, whether it be for your skiing holiday or indeed your summer holiday or business trip, there are a number of options available to you for your travel money – from cash, travellers cheques, debit or credit cards to prepaid currency cards.

Prepaid currency cards are increasingly popular and are considered by many as the way to get the best deal on your travel money.

They are more secure than such as cash, easy to carry and use.

You load the amount of money onto the prepaid card so that you know exactly what you can spend and as there is not a credit facility you will not exceed this amount. Load more money onto the card if you want to spend more.

As the card doesn’t have a credit facility you don’t need a credit check to one – meaning you can’t be rejected for one if your credit history is poor.

Prepaid currency cards are available from a number of providers, including such as FairFX, CaxtonFX and RationalFX.

Most travel currency cards are backed by Mastercard or Visa and are therefore accepted widely by retailers and restaurants.

You will need at least a few days to organise a prepaid card so it’s to best to consider sooner rather than later as you plan your ski holiday, travel insurance etc.

Useful Links:

  • Hiscox has a 5* rated annual travel insurance policy – see more on the Hiscox website.
  • Our article on ‘Getting the best deal on your skiing travel money’ may be useful, you can read it here.

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