Bald Tyres Could Mean A Fine And Your Car Insurance Claim Denied

Tyre maintenance may not be top of your priority list but it does need to be done, otherwise you could face a fine of up to £10,000 and find your car insurance claim denied.

Car Insurance ClaimA defective or bald tyre could see you hit with a fine of up to £2,500 and three penalty points¹, with the fine and points multiplying up for eeach additional bald tyre you have.

The concern though is that, according to a poll by, nearly 60% of drivers don’t even know the correct depth for their tyres which is 1.6mm.

An equal percentage don’t know how to put air in their tyres and a staggering 14% don’t even know that tyres need air in them!

As Gareth Kloet, Head of Car Insurance at explained: “If your tyres have too much air or too little this can wear the tread of tyres down quickly.”

He added “An easy way of checking tyre tread is the 20p check. Place a 20p coin into the main tread of the tyre and if the rim of the coin is covered by the tread this shows it is a legal road worthy tyre.”

Some tips on how to maintain car tyres

  1. Check tyre pressures and adjust at least once a month.
    Check the tyre tread –
    It is recommended to replace your tyres before the tread gets less than 1.6mm.
  2. Store the tyres in proper conditions – You should avoid storing tyres in a place where the temperature is above 77 ºF or below 32 ºF. It is also necessary to keep your tyres away from any form of oils or solvents.
  3. Rotate your tyres regularly – Rotate your tyres on a regular basis as this will help to get uniform wear on all your tyres.
  4. Replace the tyres – When you replace your tyres, it is important to use tyres of the same size, type and speed rating to those that originally came on the vehicle.

MoneyHighStreet comments: “Proper maintenance of your tyres is clearly vital. Apart from the added risk to yourself and others, if you are in a car accident with tyres that are below the legal tread limit be aware that you can be fined and your insurance claim can be denied.

“If you don’t keep your tyres maintained with the right level of air you’ll find they wear unevenly and more quickly, costing you more money. Owning a car is expensive enough, with the costs of maintenance, running and car insurance all adding up, you need to be looking at how to save money and not incur costs that can be avoided.”

¹ Information from

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