Asda cuts petrol price, we should force other companies to do the same

Great news for motorists – Asda is cutting its petrol price by 2p per litre today

Asda are reducing their petrol prices because a weakening dollar is driving down their costs, but why are the other companies not doing the same?

Petrol and diesel prices have been creeping up in my area recently.  Petrol is now costing £1.039 per litre at our local Sainsburys, which is cheap compared to prices elsewhere.

Some petrol stations are charging over 107p per litre which must be blatant profiteering by the companies concerned.

So well done Asda.  I applaud you taking the lead to try and force petrol prices down, however we motorists must also use our buying power to make the other companies cut their fuel prices too.

Motorists, if at all possible, should buy their petrol and diesel at Asda.  Lets make the other supermarkets and petrol companies cut their prices by taking our business away from them.

I’m going to from now on.

If you don’t know where your local Asda forecourt is, they have published an interactive map on their web site to help you.

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