As Holidays 4U Collapses What Should You Do About Your Holiday?

Holidays 4 U, which sold charter flights and package holidays to Turkey, has gone into administration with an estimated 13,000 people currently abroad.

Holidays 4UThe Sussex based company traded under the name Aegean Flights, as well as Holidays 4 U and the Turkish carrier, Onur Air, provided most of the flights. It operated from a number of UK airports, including Belfast, Bristol, Edinburgh, Gatwick and Glasgow.

PricewaterhouseCoopers has been appointed as administrator.

Holidaymakers stranded abroad

As the travel company was covered by the CAA’s ATOL protection, all of the passengers currently abroad should be able to complete their holidays as planned. There may of course though may need to be some changes to your travel arrangements. The current advice is to go to the airport for your flight home as normal.

The CAA is also trying to ensure that those abroad will be able to stay in their accommodation until they are due to fly home. If you do end up having to pay more for this you will be able to send a claim to the CAA for their consideration – make sure you keep a receipt for any such payments made.

Holidaymakers with package or flight booked but not yet set off

For those who are yet to travel, all package holiday bookings and flights have been cancelled. There is no point going to the airport in the hope of being able to travel under your holiday booking.

In the first instance, it’s best to speak to your travel agent about making a claim and  also to understand any options available to you if you have for example only booked a flight with Holidays 4 U and booked accommodation separately.

What would the position be if the company was not ATOL protected? says: “Basically it would have been a very different story. For example, in order to make any claims for money lost as a result of a non-ATOL protected travel company you would have to rely on your travel insurance – an  issue though is that not all travel policies cover for the collapse of a travel company.

“You need to check your policy details carefully – and do so as you compare and buy a travel insurance policy in the first place, not when it’s too late.”

Useful Contact details

CAA website – this is being updated regularly with more details.

CAA telephone number – 08444 933037

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