Are You More An Aston Martin Or Ford Focus?

Your dream car may well be an Aston Martin or Jaguar but are you more likely to opt for a Ford Focus or Volkswagen Golf?

Car InsuranceAccording to research by Post Office Car Insurance, although the classic James Bond car the Aston Martin tops the poll of dream car, most won’t be able to afford one and are more likely to opt for a Ford Focus.

The top 5 most dreamed of cars were Aston Martin, Jaguar, Mercedes SL, Toyota Prius or other ‘green’ car and and Audi A8.

Perhaps surprisingly Ferrari was down in eighth place, and Lamborghini in 11th.

As Gerry Barrett, Head of Car Insurance at Post Office, comments “Even in the current economic outlook the nation’s desire of making their dream car become a reality remains strong.

For those who do make this dream come true, they must remember there are more costs to running a car than just the initial price-tag, and insurance costs on high-end cars must be factored in. ”

And adds “Whatever car you drive, it’s important to be properly covered with a reputable provider you can trust. ”

Car insurance companies often have offers to entice you to buy your policy from them. For example, the Post Office now offers all new car insurance customers 10 per cent cash back for life on their total annual policy premium**.  To qualify, customers must pick up a leaflet in branch. comment: As with any insurance it is vital that you get the cover that you need and don’t just opt for the cheapest you can find.

As you buy you car insurance check different policies on offer, perhaps using a comparison service such as that offered by or By comparing what’s on offer, at what price you can select the best cover to meet your specific requirements.

** ‘Cashback for Life’ applies to anyone taking out a new policy via a Post Office branch from 1 November 2010.  New customers will receive 10 per cent back on their premium (if they add legal expenses and RAC cover they get 10 per cent back on their total price).  At renewal the following year (and each year after this) they will get 10 per cent back again (regardless of whether the policy price goes up or down).

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