Are Theme Parks Good Value For Money?

A family day out can be expensive and for many there’s the attraction of a trip to a theme park, but do they offer good value for money?

Are Theme Parks Good Value For Money?Many families have opted for a ‘staycation‘ to help save money but with the need to find entertainment some are drawn to an expensive trip to a theme park, such as Alton Towers, Thorpe Park or Legoland.

Research from has found that such a trip can costing up to £105.60* in admission tickets alone. Clearly a costly treat and one that few people surveyed thought offered good value for money.

Once inside a theme park, costs can add up too buying food and drink with 61% thinking this is too expensive and that the charges are a rip-off.

And then for many there’s the issue of spending hours queing for rides, perhaps a recipe for friction amongst family members and a feeling of frustratingly wasting time?

Of the UK theme parks, Alton Towers in Staffordshire was the clear winner.

Further afield, Disney World in Florida headed up the pack. But with a 4000 mile journey to get there and a price tag of £823.00 for a 5 day entry pass for a family of four, certainly not the cheapest option.

According to the research, Brits top 10 favourite theme parks are:


Theme Park


Admission for family

of 4


Alton Towers Staffordshire, UK £100.80 – 1 day


Disney World Florida, USA £823.00 – 5 days


Thorpe Park Surrey, UK £105.60 – 1 day


Universal Studios Florida, USA $597.96 (£361) – 4 days


Disney Land Paris, France £194.00 – 1 day


Chessington Greater London, UK £88.20 – 1 day


Blackpool Pleasure Beach Lancashire, UK £88.00 – 1 day


Drayton Manor Staffordshire, UK £83.80 – 1 day


Legoland Berkshire, UK £97.00 – 1 day


Flamingo land North Yorkshire, UK £95.00 – 1 day

MoneyHighStreet comments: “Whilst very popular with families, a trip to a theme park is clearly an expensive option and one that doesn’t seem to live up to expectation for many, falling short on the customer satisfaction front.

If you do want to go to a theme park, looking for special offers is one way to try and save money on admission tickets. For example, currently you can save up to 25% off LEGOLAND Family Day Tickets in their Bank Holiday sale.

Of course this and any such offers are only available for a limited period and are subject to specific terms and conditions but by searching around you may find deals that suit you and with which you can really save money.

A question though. Are there other, perhaps better ways to spend a family day out for little money? How about a trip to a beach or a trip to a museum? Entrance to such as the Natural History Museum for example is free, albeit of course there will be costs to get there.”

* A family ticket for four guests visiting Thorpe park bought online costs £105.60 – source – official Thorpe Park website. All admission prices shown were taken from official park websites on 18 August 2011 and apply to online bookings made at least one week in advance for a family of 2 adults and 2 children aged between 4 and 11.

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