Apple to Provide Free Case For iPhone 4 Users

The Apple iPhone 4 has been beset with reception problems ever since its launch last month, however Apple have just announced that they will be providing a free case which will alleviate the problem.

iPhone 4At the Apple emergency press conference called today, CEO Steve Jobs has stated that iPhone 4 users would receive a free case to prevent the reception problems caused by interference between the hand and the external antenna. Customers who have already bought a case will be issued a refund of the case cost.

Users who are unhappy with the iPhone 4 will also be able to return the phone for a full refund for 30 days after purchase, without incurring the usual restocking fee, Jobs announced.

Consumer Reports, the American version of Which? had issued a report criticising the iPhone 4 for its reception problems, although it also found a solution by using a case which insulated the antenna from the hand, as we reported in our feature article.

Even with the growing unhappiness about some of the problems users have found with the iPhone since its launch 22 days ago, sales of this smart phone do not seem to be diminished by the bad publicity. Jobs stated that 3 million iPhone 4s have been sold already and only 1.7% of these had been returned by unhappy customers.

This compares favourably to the 6% return rate for the iPhone 3GS during the first month of its launch.

So popular is this smartphone that stocks have been severely depleted at almost all online stores and physical outlets, although iPhone 4 16 GB versions are available at Orange.

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