Amazon’s Pricing Secret Revealed

After my recent problems with Camerabox, I turned to Amazon to look at buying a camera and I discovered an interesting fact about their pricing….

When I looked last week, Amazon were charging £369 for an Olympus XZ-1 camera which was about mid priced compared to the competition and a whole £69 more than Camerabox were charging, but I wish that I’d never heard of that company!

Not many places have that camera in stock, but I held off ordering the camera, mainly because I wanted to see if I got my money back from Camerabox.

I then discovered something interesting in the way that Amazon dynamically price their items, which might save you money.

Last week Amazon had six of these cameras in stock, however yesterday they were only showing three items available. The price had fallen down to £359 at that point.

I almost ordered it there and then, but didn’t.

By yesterday evening Amazon were down to one item and stock but guess what? The price had fallen again down to £346.92!

So it looks like Amazon were trying to clear out their stock before a new shipment arrives and were dynamically reducing the price to shift the unsold items.

I have never noticed this before, but maybe this is a way to get the best deal possible with Amazon.

In future I’m going to see if waiting for low stock levels for other items means that I can get the best price.

As for the camera. Well I didn’t order it at that low price last night and this morning it has been sold, however I wonder if Amazon’s new stock will be marketed even more cheaply!

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  1. John 23rd June 2011

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