Amazon: Save 20% On A Kindle Cover

There’s a great Kindle offer on at Amazon at the moment to save 20% on any Kindle cover.

To get this 20% off all you need to do is buy a Kindle (Wi-Fi) or 3G Kindle (free 3G + Wi-Fi) on Amazon and add an Amazon Kindle Leather Cover or Amazon Kindle Lighted Leather Cover to your basket.

See more on the Amazon website – then it’s very easy, as having put both items in your basker, at checkout the discount will automatically be applied.

Offer valid until 10pm on 15 August 2011.

How much does a Kindle cost?

To see how prices compare, I did a quick check on Amazon and Tesco, from whom you can also get a Kindle.

Kindle (Wi-Fi)

  • Amazon – £111
  • Tesco – £111

Kindle 3G (Wi-Fi and Free 3G)

  • Amazon – £152
  • Tesco – £152

Kindle Reviews

I have a Kindle myself and find it absolutely fantastic – particularly for taking the myriad of reading material I like to take on holiday; no longer am I laden down at the airport after a visit to Waterstones!

But what do others think, here are some recent reviews posted on Amazon

  • ‘A really wonderful device. Great for holidays especially when trying to keep luggage weight down. Easy to use and I have recommended it to all my friends. ‘
  • ‘Arrived very swiftly and is great. Easy to operate, easy to read, very easy to download books. I don’t see it replacing books for me (eg can’t skim through looking for a passage)’
  • ‘Good – but I would recommend getting a cover when you buy it because it’s somewhat delicate. otherwise easy to use – I haven’t tried the “global free 3G” to download books – but will be out of the UK in September and will test that. Otherwise I’m happy. ‘


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