18th Party Ideas

18th birthdays mark your transition into adult life, so its a time for major celebration. But how will you celebrate your 18th party – and pay for it? We’ve got some ideas…

18th Party IdeasReaching your 18th birthday is a major milestone in a way that turning 21 no longer is.

It’s not hard to see why. When you turn 18, you’re suddenly given permission to do lots of things that were forbidden to you before.

For example, at 18 you’re legally allowed to vote, be called up for jury service, buy alcohol, cigarettes and fireworks, bet, get a credit card, apply for a mortgage and loans, be executor of a will, become a local councillor and quite a lot more.

When you turn 21, on the other hand, there’s not much new that you’re allowed to do – unless you count being allowed to drive certain categories of vehicles.

Most people don’t regard being allowed to drive a bus with more than eight seats as a major reason for a party!

So there’s little wonder that an 18th party is now the coming-of-age celebration of choice – it’s the age at which society truly begins to regard you as a fully-paid up adult.

No wonder parents and young adults are looking around for different sources of finance for an 18th party to remember – and ideas to make the celebrations go with a bang.

We’ve got some great ideas for both.

Limo party
Nothing screams “It’s my 18th party” louder than getting your best friends together for a limo party.

Champagne, mini bar, plasma TVs – it’s about travelling into adulthood in unmissable style. And if cruising from nightclub to nightclub isn’t your thing, why not really go for it and arrange a limo trip to Paris?

A limo party for your 18th isn’t cheap – but the memories and the photos will make every penny worthwhile.

Clay pigeon party
Forget the stereotypes about tweeds and Hooray Henrys – clay pigeon shooting is fantastic fun for everyone. All you need is a highly competitive spirit, a keen eye and a love of loud noises.

Shooting clays is a great day’s sport before an 18th party celebration in the evening – and is likely to cost in the region of only £50 per person. That’ll bring your budget in on target!

Birthday photoshoot
Why rely on cameraphone photos when you can arrange a professional photoshoot? Whether you want formal birthday poses, or want to get your friends in on the act, what better way to preserve memories of your 18th party for the future?

And if a formal shoot isn’t your thing, why not hire a professional photographer to join you and your friends as you celebrate – they’ll get some amazing informal photos you’ll treasure.

Extreme sports party
From wakeboarding to abseiling, ice climbing to mountaineering – whether you’re an expert or a novice, there are plenty of sports experiences that make great group birthday activities.

But whatever you choose, you might want to arrange it for a different day to your 18th party evening celebrations – or you might be too tired to raise your glass of champagne!

Motoring experiences
Want to drive a performance car? Or get behind the wheel of a demolition vehicle? Or if dry land is too boring, why not have a go in a flight simulator? Get Googling for an experience you and your friends will never forget. But check the prices before you book!

Spa breaks
If you prefer to take it easier, indulge in some serious pampering with a spa break. Thermal spa rooms, beauty treatments, health and fitness sessions – a stay at a residential spa will leave you looking and feeling amazing. And as many of them do special friends and family offers, you can celebrate with the people you love best – and save money at the same time.

Funding your 18th party
It’s not cheap paying for a fun-packed 18th party, and it’s probably not a good idea to put the cost on a sparkling new credit card.

If you go for an activity party, you can help reduce the cost by asking friends and family to chip in – but you’ll still need to raise a fair amount of money to keep the celebrations running smoothly.

But if you’re going for the more traditional party, with catering, champagne and all the trimmings, you’ll almost certainly need a helping hand to cover the costs – and that’ll probably mean your parents coming to the rescue.

Times are tight though, and credit’s getting harder and more expensive to get – so they’ll need to consider different sources of finance, from equity release to a short term loan.

The most flexible option could be to apply for a secured short term loan to cover the 18th party celebrations – that way you can raise money on items like family jewellery, watches, antiques and other valuables, allowing you to celebrate now and get your items back later.

And if you use a lender like borro, you’ll probably get a better loan on your valuables, and very competitive rates of interest.

But however you celebrate or raise the finance you need, we hope you have a wonderful 18th birthday. Only three years to go before you can drive that bus!

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